The Parenting Reframe Courses

Tools for everyday parenting scenarios


The Taming Tantrums Workshop

The foolproof game plan to tackle tantrums confidently and increase cooperation while fostering a deeper connection with your child!

Does it feel like just when one epic tantrum ends, another ensues?

Are you certain the tantrum could last forever?

What if the tantrum is in public???

Should we ignore our kids when they’re having a tantrum?

Do you know what you’re supposed to say when they’re having a tantrum?

Do you get triggered when the tantrum is happening and do anything you can to make it stop?

Should we give our kids a hug when they’re having a tantrum??

In The Taming Tantrums Workshop, I provide the tools, scripts, and strategies, so you know exactly what to do, how to respond, and how to support your child in gaining the emotion regulation skills to ease out of the tantrum phase once and for all. 

What You'll Gain!

  • Tantrums will reduce in frequency and intensity, all while learning to keep yourself calm, relaxed and collected.
  • A tantrum game plan that you and your partner can agree on so everyone is on the same page.
    A deeper understanding of what your child tries to communicate through her behavior.
  • How to consider a child’s developmental needs for optimal results.
  • My 3 favorite techniques to teach kids to help them regulate their emotions.
  • Gain cooperation and bring ease back into your days.


The Whining Workshop

The #1 Approach to Stop Whining and Start Connecting

Ugh, I’m not going to try and sugarcoat this; all parents agree that whining is so incredibly triggering…myself included.

When my children were younger, it was the one thing that could take my calm, zen self from zero to one hundred in no time.

Usually, but not always, whining occurs when we struggle to get cooperation.

Consider this:

  • What would it feel like to get through your day without enduring the sound of whining and just to get your kids to cooperate…dare I say the first time you ask?
  • How amazing would you feel if whining didn’t rattle you because you knew exactly what to do and how to meet your children’s needs?
  • What if I told you a world does exist where whining stops?

What You Will Gain!

  • A clear action plan to get your children to stop whining.
  • Tools to recognize how you can move from reactive parenting to thoughtfully responding.
  • Learn the exact thing to say and what NOT to say.
  • Tried and true strategies that I have used for years, that truly work.
  • Increase connection while meeting your child’s developmental needs.
  • Personalized support targeting your specific questions.
  • Redeem your sanity and get through your days knowing whining is in your rearview mirror.

Whining doesn’t have to be par for the course. So many times, we simply endure because we assume it’s part of being a parent. While yes, this is true to some extent, there is so much I can show you to help you get through it confidently and easily. Don’t grin and bear your way through the whining and power struggles.



The PARR Workshop

Learn the 4-steps to stop reacting and start connecting!

This webinar is for overwhelmed parents looking for tools to stay grounded and calm amid the chaos!

If you are yelling, snapping, and overreacting all day, join this webinar to learn my 4-step method called PARR (pause, acknowledge, respond, reflect).

Here are some of the benefits parents have reported after working with me and implementing PARR in their homes:

  • Stress levels reduced
  • Calmness increased
  • Parents report getting through their days with more ease and peace
  • Battles and power struggles stopped
  • Connection with their kids increased

Understanding our parenting triggers is critical if we want to get to the bottom of why we react the way we do. We can put several tools into practice, but you need a foundation, a system to rely on to ground yourself first.

Here's what a previous client said about PARR:

"PARR has improved ALL my relationships. I use it all the time; when communicating with my husband, friends, co-workers, parents, literally everyone. It has changed the way I parent AND live."