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The Taming Tantrums Workshop

Friday, March 3, 2023 | 1:00PM EST

The foolproof game plan to tackle tantrums confidently, and increase cooperation while fostering a deeper connection with your child!

  • Does it feel like just when one epic tantrum ends, another ensues? 
  • Should we ignore our kids when they’re having a tantrum? 
  • Do you know what you’re supposed to say when they’re having a tantrum?
  • Do you get triggered when the tantrum is happening and do anything you can to make it stop?
  • Should we give our kids a hug when they’re having a tantrum??

In The Taming Tantrums Workshop, I provide the tools, scripts, and strategies, so you know exactly what to do, how to respond, and how to support your child in gaining the emotion regulation skills to ease out of the tantrum phase once and for all. 

You’ll learn special tips, tricks, and hacks that I’ve used in my 20+ years working with children and as a parent myself!

What You Will Gain!

Tantrums will reduce in frequency and intensity, all while learning to keep yourself calm, relaxed and collected.

A tantrum game plan that you and your partner can agree on so everyone is on the same page.

A deeper understanding of what your child is trying to communicate through her behavior.

How to consider a child’s developmental needs for optimal results.

My 3 favorite techniques to teach kids to help them regulate their emotions.

Gain cooperation and bring ease back into your days.

What the Workshop Includes:

A live 90-minute workshop where I cover tantrums from A to Z

A 20 minute Q and A at the end

Lifetime access to the recording

Bonus: My e-book: Taming Tantrums and Challenging Behaviors Once and For All

Bonus: The 7 Pillars to Raising Confident and Resilient Kids

Bonus: My 7-day Sleep Plan to Gain Independent Sleepers

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I walk away with a clear plan of what to do?

Yes!! I have sat through so many workshops throughout the years, and I have a major pet peeve, watching a course that just talks about a specific topic, dives deep into the research, and leaves you hanging. No one answers the most important question, what am I supposed to do? I promise you will not feel this way after the workshop!! You will clearly understand what to do, what to say, and how to proceed.

What if I can’t make the call live?

No worries; you will have lifetime access to the recording.

How is this different than the videos you post?

My videos are 3 minutes or less. To give you the tools to get through this phase of parenting, we need to dive deep so I can share in detail scripts, strategies, and solutions for successful outcomes. 

The Taming Tantrums Workshop

90-minute interactive workshop live...... value $300

Tackling Tantrums and Challenging Behaviors E-book......value $25

Q and A time for specific questions...... value $100

Bonus: The 7 Pillars to Raising Confident and Resilient Kids......value $20

Bonus: My 7-Day Sleep Plan...... Value $20

Value: $465

Your Price: $47

Join me on Friday, March 3rd, from 1:00-2:30 PM (EST). Get answers to your tantrum questions and learn how to get through this incredibly challenging phase of parenting. If you can’t make it live, don’t worry…you will have access to the full recording afterward! If you don’t feel like you walked away feeling completely satisfied, email me at albiona@theparentingreframe.com for a full refund!

“I joined Albiona's group coaching session in June and instantly felt a connection with her and the parents, who all shared similar experiences with their children.

Albiona created a safe and comfortable environment where parents can speak openly and honestly about the various parenting struggles we often face.

I loved how Albiona listened attentively and encouraged us to dig deeper into the behaviors and even more importantly explore our own responses. She shared tangible strategies that parents can apply immediately.

I have gained so much from using the PARR method with my kids and I am so grateful to Albiona for her perspective on life and the journey of parenthood.” -Qazime B.