Start 2023 with a parenting framework to help you connect and parent with joy and ease.

The Parenting Reset Program

A 6-week program specifically designed for parents of children 10 and under, where a parenting expert helps you develop your own strategies & plans for your kiddos based on the kind of humans you want to raise and to be the kind of parent you want to be. Let’s take the guesswork out of parenting with some research-backed strategies & taking a stronger stand for the loving, modern parent. 

Parenting creates a terrible habit…constant overthinking and wondering if you’re doing “enough.”

Does this sound familiar?

Are they eating healthy enough? 

Should I have said no to that treat? 

Have they been on their screens too long?

Am I being too strict?

Am I being too permissive?

Am I spending enough time with my kids?

Am I doing enough?

Am I connecting with them in the best way possible?

Is this what they need?


Do you question when and how to set boundaries?

Do you question when to ignore a behavior, or when to address it? 

Do you react automatically or yell throughout the day?

Do you know your parenting triggers and have the tools to identify how it impacts your parenting? 

We all know the list can go on and on and on!

I see so many parents abide by made-up rules and expectations that are only making parenting harder!!! You don’t need to do that! 

If you’re ready to end the constant overthinking and learn how to parent confidently, then join me in The Empowered Parenting Program so we can quiet the noise and tap into your inherent parenting power.

*Spots are limited, don’t wait!

Mom and son on the beach

“I joined Albiona's group coaching session in June and instantly felt a connection with her and the parents, who all shared similar experiences with their children.

Albiona created a safe and comfortable environment where parents can speak openly and honestly about the various parenting struggles we often face.

I loved how Albiona listened attentively and encouraged us to dig deeper into the behaviors and even more importantly explore our own responses. She shared tangible strategies that parents can apply immediately.

I have gained so much from using the PARR method with my kids and I am so grateful to Albiona for her perspective on life and the journey of parenthood.” -Qazime B.

What you'll get:

Learn how to respond to your kids by building your parenting toolbox with simple strategies and tools, so you NEVER overreact or yell again. 

Learn to let go of beliefs that aren't serving you.

Gain the necessary parenting tools, so you're equipped to tune in and respond to what your kids need.

You'll stop wasting time overthinking every decision and learn to parent confidently.

Structure your day, so you have plenty of time without feeling the constant need to rush.

Start and end each day with ease. 

Tell me more:

The program is six weeks, beginning on Friday, January 13th until Friday, February 24th. The calls will be from 12-1 EST. 

We will meet virtually once a week for 1 hour.

The group will remain small, so you have the chance to ask questions.

The sessions will be recorded.

You can submit questions via email if you can’t make the meeting, and I will provide guidance.

Gain specific tools to address your parenting dilemmas to help you feel empowered and confident in making the best decision.

Get support from me and other parents who are experiencing the same thing, there is value in seeing yourself in others

Bonuses: If you join you will get my bonus resources for FREE

The 7-Day Sleep Plan to end Your Sleepless Nights: The ultimate roadmap to design an effective and successful sleep plan so you can all get the quality sleep you need!

The 7 Pillars to Raising Confident and Resilient Kids: If you hope to raise confident and resilient kids, you need to know how to implement these 7 pillars!

Let’s unlock your parenting power and learn to parent with joy and ease. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Value: 6 weeks of coaching plus the bonuses is valued at $1800

Your Price: A one-time payment of $397 or 5 monthly payments of $97. If you're interested in the payment plan email me directly at albiona@theparentingreframe.com

Join me in The Empowered Parenting Program, and let’s put an end to overthinking, second-guessing and constantly wondering if you’re doing a good job. If you are ready to optimize your parenting, don’t hesitate!