The Parenting Reframe

The Parenting Reframe Podcast

After working with children for two decades and being a parent myself, I wanted to create a space to reframe our ideas, beliefs and expectations around parenting.

On this podcast, we’ll explore solutions to some of the biggest parenting challenges (i.e., tantrums, potty training, challenging behaviors, neurodivergent learners, teenagers, bedtime, homework, expectations, etc.). We’ll chat with experts, parents, and even kids about what it means to parent and to be parented. I hope to create a safe space where parents feel seen, heard and supported through this wild journey, that is parenting.

There is an abundance of information at our fingertips: How can we quiet the noise, dig deep, and find the answers within to reclaim joy, peace and balance in our homes…at least most of the time. Welcome aboard, and let’s reframe together.

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