Episode 9: Common Parenting Questions Answered

In this episode we will go over some common parenting questions that came up in my last coaching session. We will go over energy matching and how to reframe how we are interacting with our kiddos at any age and why this is so important. I discuss how to use PARR in these difficult moments, the method I use to stop myself from being a reactive parent. We will also discuss what to do when your child lies and what the consequences should be.


Show Notes

In this episode we will go over some common parenting questions that came up in my last group coaching session. We had some amazing moms and we got to unpack a lot and get questions answered. There are so many benefits of working in a group, hearing other moms ask the questions you have, being able to feel supported, and seen.


What I cover on common parenting questions:

  • The idea of energy matching and how to handle the different ways that kiddos match your energy
  • How we can present ourselves in the best way to yield the best outcome to help our child and learn from it
  • How energy matching happens at all ages, what is it here to teach me, what am I bringing to the table as a parent
  • How to use the PARR method to help with energy matching
  • PARR:


  • My story of how I used PARR to be a less reactive mom to my teenage son
  • A mother’s story about her 5-year-old son lying about taking a toy
  • How to handle the situation when a child lies
  • What should be the consequences when children lie
  • What to do if lying is a continued behavior


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