Episode 6: How to Get Your Kids to Listen

The most commonly asked question is, "How do I get my kids to listen?" In today's episode, we unpack simple shifts we can make to help parents gain cooperation.


Show notes: 

Children don't just listen; we have to teach them how to listen, and for every child, that looks different. In today's episode, I give the listening do's and don'ts.


What we cover on how to get your kids to listen:

  • Do get ahead of it. Try to anticipate what your child might struggle with, and set up a framework before the activity.
  • Don't give multiple reminders.
  • Do attach an action to your direction.
  • Do take short breaks to help with emotional regulation
  • What does discipline mean?
  • Go easy on yourself. If you didn't follow through one day, it's OK!
  • Gaining cooperation isn't always easy, but the more we can help kids when they're younger, the easier it gets as they get older.


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