Episode 5: The Most Common Mistake Well Intended Parents Make

In this episode, we are talking about a common mistake, most well-intended parents make is that we have to teach and explain the behavior away.


Show notes: 

We are reframing one of the most common things I see well-intended parents do; offering detailed explanations to your child, hoping this will encourage positive behaviors. We unpack why explanations are not the answer, and I ask you to consider the "why" underneath the behavior. If you are ready to tackle your child's challenging behaviors, listen to this episode and start to unpack what your child's behavior is communicating to you.


What we talk about for the most common mistake parents make:

  • Explanations are not the same as consequences
  • Children are in a constant state of learning
  • Developmentally appropriate behaviors and fostering healthy neurological development
  • How to understand what your child's behavior is communicating
  • Tackling challenging behaviors using simple and loving practices



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