Episode 47: The Challenges of Motherhood with Robin Hilmantel

On this episode, I sat down to talk with Robin Hilmantel from BabyCenter about the ways mothers still carry the bulk of the burden in parenting, especially in the early years.

In this episode, I have a conversation with Robin Hilmantel, the senior director of editorial strategy at BabyCenter, focused on the gaps in postpartum care, the child care crisis, and how mothers are still carrying the load of parenting. BabyCenter is a website and app focused on providing answers and creating community around pregnancy, baby concerns, and childhood needs. They conduct research within their millions of members to be your partner in parenting well beyond the baby years. As a mother of three, she has insight into how moms face unique challenges each day.

What we go over with Robin: 

  • The ways mothers usually feel the shift from pregnancy being all about supporting mom to all about baby after birth. 
  • How many moms feel unprepared to bring a baby home and care for themselves in the weeks following giving birth. 
  • The disparities in maternal care for different demographics and the variety of ways health care providers pass along mothers who voice their concerns to other providers. 
  • The difference in anxiety levels mothers experience depending on their maternity or parental leave from their jobs.
  • How the United States differs from other countries in terms of maternity leave and parental leave.
  • What to look and ask for when it comes to employment and maternity leave and how to advocate for yourself and your rights. 
  • Where moms can find connection with other moms for support and resources. 
  • Ways the child care crisis is affecting moms as they carry the burden of finding care for their children. 
  • The “Childcare Cliff” and how it has affected child care centers when funding is removed. 
  • Ways you can advocate for the change you want to see in regards to affordable child care and other systemic issues.
  • New and changing social trends with pregnancy and motherhood.

You can download the BabyCenter App from the App Store on both iOS and Google or visit the BabyCenter website at https://www.babycenter.com


Postpartum Support Survey: https://www.babycenter.com/presscenter/babycenter-emily-oster-postpartum-support-survey-press-release_41001496


Chamber of Mothers - https://www.chamberofmothers.com/


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