Episode 35: Ask Me Any Parenting Questions

In this episode, I reached out to my audience, inviting them to ask me anything. This was a fun episode; I got some personal questions about shows, books, and podcasts I like, even what’s in my smoothie! We go over some great parenting questions on how to help you navigate difficult situations with your child, from sibling battles to having an 18-month-old understand consequences without fully developed language skills.

This is a mini-episode where I went over questions from my audience to ask me anything about parenting. We go over how to handle breaks when your child wants to run away and how to help your 18-month-old understand the consequence even though they don’t understand language yet. We also go over how to handle sibling fighting and much more. This was a fun episode, and I will be doing more of these. If you have any questions, please reach out to me!

What we go over on ask me anything about parenting:

  • How to help with your child when they run away when you try to do a “break,” per Joe Newman’s process in helping strong-willed kids to help correct or improve a behavior.
  • A break is a way to help your child reset - it is not a punishment. This is to help teach self-regulation.
  • How to stop the fighting between siblings.
  • We go over my view on sibling battles and how it is very triggering to parents.
  • How we have to teach siblings to disagree calmly and correctly.
  • Why you don’t want to blame anyone and have questions to ask to help to understand why the fighting is happening.
  • How to stop an inappropriate behavior immediately when they are not listening.
  • Why whining is so triggering to parents, it can bring up thoughts of bad parenting.
  • How to explain behaviors to my 18-month-old when they don’t have the language skills yet to understand it?
  • Why explanations are not consequences
  • How children learn through actions and experiences
  • We review an example of how to handle a tantrum without a lengthy explanation.
  • Redirecting an 18-month-old is a helpful tool, and staying calm will help with these situations.
  • How to get your child to stop headbanging or other behaviors when they are having a tantrum.
  • This is a normal behavior for children and does mean that something is always wrong.
  • 3 must-dos when they are in the middle of this behavior to help.
  • Using PARR, Pause, Acknowledge, Respond, Reflect is essential in these situations to help your child regulate their emotions and yours.

Fun side notes about me:

My favorite Proteins for my smoothies: Be Well by Kelly & Garden of Life

I was asked if I watch tv, and I love to watch tv! The Bear is my new favorite. Make sure to check it out.

My favorite Podcasts: Pulling the Thread, Raising Good Humans, Cathy Heller, We Can Do Hard Things


We go over breaks from episode 29  with Joe Newman. Make sure to check it out if you haven’t. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/raising-lions-with-joe-newman/id1608790325?i=1000612430664


Podcasts that I reference:

Pulling the Thread https://www.eliseloehnen.com/episodes

Raising Good Humans https://draliza.com/

Cathy Heller https://www.cathyheller.com/blog/

We Can Do Hard Things https://wecandohardthingspodcast.com/


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