Episode 33: Tips for Parents of Strong-Willed Kids

In this episode, we are going over some tips for parents of strong-willed kids. Having a strong-willed child who values power over approval can be challenging and confusing. We will review ways to help your strong-willed kiddo help regulate their emotions.

We are talking about tips for parents of strong-willed kids in this mini-episode. Some kids want approval, while others want power. As a parent, it can be very challenging to know how to help your child navigate their big feelings. Having strong boundaries for your strong-willed child is vital in helping them, even though this may be challenging for you as the parent. We will go over some ways to help.

What we go over on tips for parents of strong-willed kids:

  • Strong-willed kids don’t value approval; they value power. This really stood out to me from my talks with Joe Newman.
  • A strong-willed child may be having significant behaviors, tantrums, and meltdowns. This means they need even stronger boundaries. 
  • When you have a first child who seeks approval and then a second child who wants power, you have to approach each child differently, which can be challenging. 
  • Most parenting models are based on the child who seeks approval, not power. 
  • When your child is acting up, they are asking you to help them anchor and calm down. 
  • Don’t talk in the moment. Set the boundary, show empathy, and then let them regulate their emotions. 
  • The longer you wait to set boundaries for strong-willed children, the harder it will be. 
  • Teach self-regulation practices when a child is calm.
  • Joe Newman teaches breaks, where you let your child take a break for a minute so they can calm down. This helps teach them how to regulate their emotions. 
  • Coaching can be so helpful in navigating strong-willed children to get all the pieces of the puzzle to help your child and you out.


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