Episode 32: How to Respond to Rude Behavior

In this episode, we are going over how to respond to rude behavior from my post that went viral on TikTok with over a million views. This created a lot of buzz, and in this episode, I am going into more detail on how to address your child when he’s talking back or being rude.

We are talking on this mini-episode about how to respond to rude behavior from your children. This is a very popular subject, and I got a lot of questions and comments on this one. We will go into more detail on how to respond when your child is talking back rudely and why this can be so triggering to parents. We will also discuss how you should handle this differently with a child who is strong-willed and children who are seeking approval.

What we go over on how to respond to rude behavior:

  • How rude talk is very triggering as a parent.
  • If you don’t have a process to stay calm as a parent, this can lead to energy matching from your child.
  • Why my method PARR is such an important practice to help stay calm in these situations. See below for the free training.  
  • Using PARR does not mean not holding boundaries; it is there to help you respond with a more positive response.  
  • Your kids are not in trouble for the way they feel. Having feelings doesn’t yield punishments. But there are consequences for their actions. 
  • We want to have consequences for our children, not punishments that feel punitive in nature.
  • Dr. Becky says when you say your child is not respecting me, what you are really saying is my child doesn’t fear me. 
  • Using fear will work in the short term but has consequences in the long term. 
  • How using fear affects the child who is seeking approval.
  • If you have a strong-willed child, fear-based methods will not work. 
  • Why over-explaining to your children does not help. 
  • 9 out of 10 times, when a parent says they didn’t get an explanation, you really needed to be seen and not ashamed. 
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