Episode 31: How to Help Regulate Your Child’s Emotions

In this episode, we are going over how to help regulate your child’s emotions. We are going to talk about how to get your child and you the parent to manage emotions when things get chaotic. If your child is having big tantrums, struggling with their emotions, or hitting, we will go over how to help.

We are talking on this episode about how to help regulate your child’s emotions. This is not a skill children are born with, it develops. We will go over some tips and tools on how to help your child navigate their emotions, and we also go over some ways to help you the parent stay calm. Please excuse my dog, every time I do an episode about tantrums, he has one too! 

What we go over on how to regulate your child’s emotions:

  • What is self-regulation for a child?
  • What are signs that a child has good or bad self-regulations skills.
  • The core of why most children are having tantrums and issues is that they are needing to gain the ability to regulate their emotions.
  • Joe Newman talks about how when a child has too much power, they don’t know what to do with it. They are really reaching their hand out to their parent when they have too much power and asking who is going to meet my hand, by enforcing a firm boundary and staying consistent. Check out Episode 29 for more about this. 
  • Why children need strong boundaries. 
  • How the different ways parents grew up affect parenting styles. 
  • How suppressed emotions affect your parenting. 
  • How being inconsistent with your child confuses your child.
  • Why explaining during a tantrum is not helpful. 
  • Make sure to validate and show empathy when your child is having big emotions. 
  • If you are feeling anxious when you know a tantrum is coming, your child will feel this as well. This is when you have to stay calm and anchored. 
  • What to do when your child is hitting you. 
  • Know that the tantrums will get bigger when you start to let them regulate and be prepared to be calm to help them through it. 
  • It is ok to walk away during a tantrum, as long as it’s not a punishment. 
  • Why using my method PARR is so important to help stay calm when handling tantrums and hard emotions. PARR is Pause, Acknowledge, Respond, Reflect
  • Really pinpoint what is coming up for you so you can navigate stressful situations more effectively. 
  • It does get easier when your child learns to self-regulate, I promise you. 
  • You have to let your child do the hard part, let them go through the emotions. 
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I referenced Episode 29 - Raising Lion with Joe Newman, make sure to check out this episode for tips on how to set boundaries for your strong-willed child. https://theparentingreframe.com/podcast-episodes/episode-29-raising-lions-with-joe-newman/


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