Inside a parent coaching session

Episode 28: Inside a Parent Coaching Session

In this episode, you will listen to a parent coaching session with one of my first clients! You will hear the inside details of how sessions go when you book with me. I hope you get some good takeaways from the call.


This is a special episode for me. I am doing a parent coaching session with one of my first clients. I have had a lot of requests about what the inside of a coaching session looks like, so this is an excellent way to let you all see how I work with my clients. We will review the challenges of getting a 3-year-old to sleep through the night and alone. We will also discuss how to handle an older sibling having issues with attention when they feel the younger sibling is receiving more attention.

What we go over in the live Parent Coaching Session:


  • Sleeping challenges with a 3-year-old 
  • Do what is best for your family, co-sleeping or in their room.
  • Tip from Joe Newman, Raising Lions, how to handle “One more book.”
  • Dr. Becky from Good Inside says when kids struggle to sleep independently, it’s another part of separation anxiety.
  • Use of timers and limitations of what they are asking before bed.
  • Use baby steps when trying to get your child to go to bed by themself.
  • An unpopular opinion - for some kiddos, tv before bed is helpful. 
  • Tips on setting the mood for bedtime.
  • How having a game plan is essential for success. 
  • Why taking away nap time might help. 
  • Look at how baths affect your kiddo; sometimes, they are more stimulating than relaxing.
  • How power struggles before bed can give kids more energy.
  • How to handle an older sibling struggling with the attention the younger sibling is getting. 
  • Ways to make special connections with your kiddo needing more attention.




Joe Newman - Raising Lions

Dr. Becky -

If you want to hear more on how to get your kiddo to sleep in their own bed, check out episode 10!

I hope you found this episode helpful; for more parenting tips, check out my website and blog for more information.

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