How to respond to whining

Episode 25: How to Respond to Whining

In this episode, we are going over how to respond to whining. Whining is one of the most triggering behaviors for parents, myself included! We will go over all things whining to help understand the why behind it.

We are talking about how to respond to whining in this episode. Some of my most popular posts were on whining, so I wanted to dig deeper into dealing with it. It can be extremely triggering for parents, so we will go over ways to pause, acknowledge, respond, and reflect on how we respond to whining. I will give you some helpful exercises to help with the whining. I will also do a 60-minute workshop at the end of the month that you won’t want to miss, where we will go a little deeper!


We discuss how to deal with whining:


  • How whining is so triggering, myself included!
  • How whining is two-fold, we get triggered but still have to deal with the behavior. 
  • W we need to pay attention to our own triggers and how we respond. 
  • How to move from reactive to responsible parenting.
  • You are not separate from your child; it’s always an interaction resulting in some type of behavior. 
  • We don’t want to place blame, just the recognition that we all play a part. How understanding this will help your family grow for the better. 
  • How to use PARR (Pause, Acknowledge, Respond, Reflect) to help with whining. 
  • Name your behavior when your child starts to whine. 
  • Why not giving a consistent response isn’t helping.
  • Why having a tool is essential to help you pause in stressful moments. 
  • How I thought of whining kids before I had children; spoiled, bratty, or entitled.
  • Once I realized my trigger, how I was able to change how I responded to whining. 
  • You will make mistakes when dealing with triggers; just reset and try again.
  • Whining is a secondary behavior to something else. 
  • How to do a parenting audit.
    • When does the whining happen: time of day, near nap time, are they hungry, etc.?
    • Is it in response to something?
    • Find out the context of what is causing the whining.
  • I will have a 60-minute workshop on whining at the end of March. Make sure you are on my email list so you will be the first to know when registration opens. 
  • 3 different activities to help practice to help deal with whining when it’s not happening. 


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