Episode 24: Infertility and Adoption

In this episode, we talk with my good friend and business coach, Megan Accardo. We discuss her journey with infertility, IVF, loss, and adoption. Megan shares her story through it all and wants to help other women going through the same thing.

We are talking with Megan Accardo, a good friend, great business coach, and wonderful mom. She tells us all about her journey from infertility to adoption, to finally being a mom to baby Kylee. So many women are going through similar situations and Megan wants to help them know that they are not alone. She goes into her IVF journey, loss, and the decision on how she finally becomes a mom. I am so excited for you to hear this episode, Megan has some wonderful advice on how she navigated her long journey to becoming a mother. 


Megan’s Journey with IVF and adoption:


  • Megan talks about her 9-year journey with IVF and infertility. 
  • She talks about her health journey along the way.
  • How it was harder not knowing why she couldn’t get pregnant. 
  • The practice she did to handle not being able to carry a child. 
  • How it came down to 2 choices for motherhood.
  • Her journey with the adoption process and the stresses of getting there.
  • The stress of the 10-day grace period for final adoption. 
  • The exciting homecoming of baby Kylee
  • Do you have a baby shower when you adopt, and other questions?
  • How important it is to have a community. 
  • The transition of going back to work with a baby. 
  • Megan gives some advice to anyone who is going through the same things. 
  • How can you let go of how it was supposed to be.



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