Episode 26:  How to Gain Cooperation from your Children

In this episode, we are going over gaining cooperation from our children with two very small, but mighty shifts. This is what I teach parents and use myself. 


In this mini episode we are discussing two simple shifts that can help gain your kiddos cooperation. This episode is packed with examples of how to help you get off the Repeat and Warning train which eventually leads to yelling and feeling guilty. We go over the framework on how to help be consistent and get your kiddos to cooperate, toddlers to teenagers.  


We discuss how to get your children to cooperate:


  • Why repeating ourselves is not helpful.
  • How being triggered affects our frustration. 
  • Understanding how you are responding to the situation is helpful in changing it. 
  • Why you end up yelling to get your children to listen. 
  • Why constantly repeating yourself leads to your kiddos realize you are not following through on what you are saying. 
  • Pinpoint what it is that you keep repeating over and over, then come up with an action to assign with the direction you are giving. 
  • The difference between time out and taking a break. 
  • We go over an example of how to practice being consistent with your words. 
  • A parent’s biggest superpower is staying calm. 
  • Why validating their emotion is important, from toddlers to teenagers. 
  • The problem with inconsistent responses. 
  • Why it’s ok if your child is not happy all the time. 
  • Reasons why having a coach is so helpful. 
  • It can take a few times to help shift behaviors, being consistent is key.
  • There is a different framework for helping each child, this goes all the way up to teenagers. 
  • Why you have to have a game plan. 
  • Boundaries are love! Get off the repeat and warning train!


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