Episode 22: Tips to Help Picky Eaters

In this episode, we talk with my good friend and occupational therapist, Amy Hengstebeck, about tips to help picky eaters. This has been a question I have been getting from many parents, so I brought Amy on to talk about her experience with this over the years. We talk about picky eating in babies to older kids, and we learn why they are picky, and how we can help them. 


In this episode, we are discussing picky eaters and tips to help with my friend and colleague Amy Hengstebeck, Director of Occupational Therapy at the Kaufman Children’s Center. She has expertise in feeding therapy, so I thought she would be the perfect person to bring on the show to talk about why our kids are picky eaters. She has some great tips to understand why and ways to help get them to try and eat new foods. 


Tips to help picky eaters:


  • Why kids around 18 months - 2 years usually become picky. 
  • When this becomes more of a problem. 
  • Sensory can be a big part of picky eating: different textures of foods, choking issues from certain foods, etc.
  • How parents' reactions can help kids be picky. 
  • Why letting your baby be messy while eating is helpful. 
  • Some tips on spoon feeding to make it easier.
  • When to start feeding meats, the foods you eat, and some tips.
  • Why do kids like crunchy carb food so much? 
  • How bringing some fun and silliness in helping kids understand different food is helpful. 
  • Ways to help bring new foods to your kiddos with play, little changes at a time. 
  • Tips on introducing new foods to a picky eater. 
  • Kids like predictability, so that can be harder with fruits and vegetables. 
  • When should the sippy cups go away, and tips on how to




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