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Episode 21:  Why You Don’t Want Your Child to Be Happy All the Time

In this episode, I cover why parents should reframe the idea of making sure our kids are happy. I am not saying we don’t want our kids to be happy, but in reality, there will be many times they won’t be. We aren’t setting our kids up to thrive and grow when we do this. Instead, consider the value in going through difficult moments and allowing them to experience the hard emotions. We don’t want to make the aim; to be happy. We go over ways to help them handle these situations. 

In this episode, we discuss why we don’t want our children to be always happy. There will be hard times in our kiddos’ lives, and we need to sit with them, help them process their feelings, and learn the lessons it is teaching them. The hardest thing as a mom is to make everything better for our children, from toddlers to adults, no matter how old they are. In doing this, we are not allowing them to grow from the lessons. I am reframing ways how we can do this. It’s not easy. I personally know this, but our kids need to sit in the emotions and learn from the hard times instead of, as the parent, always trying to make it better. 


Reasons why you don’t want your children to always be happy:


  • Ask yourself what’s wrong with not being happy all the time?
  • We teach kids to avoid and run away from hard things. 
  • Why it’s not helpful to not process the hard things
  • The reasons why I want my kids to learn how to deal with the hard things. 
  • Why we want our kids to look at hard situations and see what they can take from the problems to grow from it
  • Ways that you can reframe how to talk about challenging situations with your kids, even when you are as upset as they are
  • Help them learn the lesson they can take from the situation, and reframe it positively 
  • When we just want to make our kids, we are creating a co-dependency. 
  • What happens when they aren’t having a good time, they won’t want to tell you to make you feel bad.
  • Why coming from a place of neutrality is vital for our kids and how it can help them work through the struggle.
  • Why we can’t make bad feelings the bad guy.
  • One of the hardest parts of being a parent is the restraint to let your kids go through hard times, but they need to sit with it and learn from it.
  • Take the time to see how you handle hard emotions as an adult.





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