How to Handle Tantrums in Public

Episode 20:  How to Handle Tantrums in Public

In this episode, I am going over how to handle tantrums in public. This is one of my most asked questions, so I want to go over this more in depth with this question than I have on social media. This is an important question that is a tough one and a common situation all parents have. 

In this episode, we are going to dive a little deeper into how to handle tantrums in public. I will give some different solutions and ways to approach this problem. This is a common issue that we all have. I go over how to take the time to see how we handle tantrums at home and ways to handle these situations in public. 


Tips for handling tantrums in public:


  • The difference between tantrums in public vs tantrums at home. 
  • Parents feel very exposed when tantrums happen in public, the reactions will change compared to at home. 
  • Why your energy level is heightened in a public setting and how your child notices this.
  • Why asking yourself how you handle tantrums at home will help when you are in public.  
  • The difference between secondary re-enforcement vs. redirecting.
  • The reasons why you want your kiddos to have tantrums at home; make sure you have empathy and are holding space for the tantrums. 
  • There are certain times when it’s good to redirect your child’s behavior. 
  • Tips on how to handle situations when you know that a tantrum will happen. 
  • Frame the situation ahead of time with scripts to help avoid a tantrum, grab my freebie, How to Get your kids to listen, to help with this. 
  • How to handle your kids from not hitting or throwing, why time outs aren’t my favorite for this. 
  • Why talking during a tantrum does not help. 




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