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Episode 18: The 5 Things I Would Never Do as a Parenting Coach

In this episode, I go over the 5 things I would never do as a parenting coach. This has been a popular Tik Tok trend, so I thought it would be fun to weigh in on it! We go over the 5 things I would never do and why. I share many tips to help you navigate challenging times as a mother.

MetroParent asked me to write an article on The 5 Things I Would Never Do as a Parenting Coach, and I thought it would be fun to join the TikTok trend. I go over my top 5, and ways to reframe the situation to help you and your kiddos thrive. 


The 5 Things I Would Never Do as a Parenting Coach:


  • Why I don’t make kiddos apologize for their behaviors.
  • We go over why this is not teaching your children empathy.
  • Even though your child’s behavior is not always great, this does not mean you have a bad kid or are doing a bad job as a parent.
  • Why I will never feel afraid of making mistakes as a parent.
  • How to use the 80/20 rule when you feel bad for yelling at your child.
  • Why using the moments when you aren’t doing your best parenting is the perfect time to help teach your child about how to reset and repair the situation. 
  • Why giving yourself grace is so essential for you and your kiddo.
  • Why confidence is gained through competence.
  • It’s hard, but we must let our kids go through struggles. 
  • What experience stacking is and why it’s important.
  • 5 - 6-year-olds should have better coping skills and fewer tantrums; if not, they just need extra help dealing with difficult situations.
  • How I still have a hard time not stepping in to help with my grown children.
  • Why I never try to control the outcome. 
  • Your child’s path may be very different from what you expected. Pay attention to the reasons why.
  • I tell a story from a professor from my college days about why giving our kids the space to learn works and is important for the learning process. 
  • Why I would never parent from a rigid place.



MetroParent article - The 5 Things I Would Never Do as a Parenting Coach


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