Redefining mom life

Episode 16: Redefining Mom Life with Elizabeth Lewis

In this episode, we are talking with my friend Elizabeth Lewis, Founder of Detroit Mom, Co-Founder of Lansing Mom, and Retreat to Reclaim. We discuss so many important subjects; entrepreneurship, dealing with grief, the importance of community, and redefining mom life. We unpack the damage that can result from adhering to societal norms about what it means to be a “good mom.” We discuss how having a community is so essential for mothers. Elizabeth takes us through her journey of being a mom of 4 and owning multiple businesses and how she continues to work on being a better mom and person in her life. We discuss so much more and you don't want to miss this!

Show notes: 


This was such a great conversation with my friend Elizabeth. We go over so many important topics: being a mom and an entrepreneur, dealing with the loss of parents and how it changes you, the importance of having a tribe in your life to help support you, societal norms that need to change, putting yourself first is not selfish but needed and so much more. Elizabeth goes over so many ways of thinking that have been normal for so long that need to change to help moms (and dads) live happier and healthier lives.


What we cover on momprenuer, grief, community, and redefining mom life:


  • We go over Elizabeth’s incredible journey and her multiple businesses. 
  • Stepping away from a 9-5 job and promotion to pursue her dreams with her business.
  • How she dealt with the loss of both of her parents.
  • Dealing with the grieving process.
  • How she started Detriot Mom and the importance of community. 
  • Why finding your tribe is so important.
  • Entrepreneurial life can be lonely, and ways to support yourself.
  • Why done is better than perfect. 
  • Reasons why we need to have boundaries and stop people pleasing.
  • Why Elizabeth has a coach and how it is essential to her success. 
  • Why focusing on yourself first is NOT selfish.
  • Reframing “life balance” and how it is not always an even balance. 
  • Why independent play is essential for your children and you.
  • Giving the right tools to your children that you didn’t get.
  • Why changing societal norms is needed. 
  • Why expressing your needs is so important.


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