Episode 14: Parenting a Neurodiverse Child with Kate Cornish

In this episode, we are talking with my good friend, Kate Cornish. We discuss anxiety in kids and parents with Kate. She is a clinically trained therapist and parent coach. We go over ways to help with parenting a neurodiverse child. We also discuss how to navigate through your child’s anxiety.


Show notes: 

In this episode, we discuss anxiety in kids and parents with Kate Cornish, a clinically trained therapist and parent coach. Kate has a lot of expertise to lend to this conversation, as she works with parents of anxious, neurodiverse, sensitive, and misunderstood children. She’s also the parent of a neurodiverse child.

Anxiety can be incredibly hard to navigate. We want our kids to have the tools to work through challenging moments, but we also want to validate each experience. Kate weighs in and explains how parents need their own support system and framework so they can be the anchor for their child.


What we cover on ways to parent an anxious child:


  • At what point is anxiety considered a disorder, where specialized support is needed?
  • How can parents help their child work through anxious thoughts?
  • How can parents reflect and examine their own anxiety and how it impacts their children?
  • Why parents need their own framework and support to navigate anxious thoughts.
  • Tips and tricks to help the whole family work through anxiety rather than being consumed by it.


Learn more about Kate:


Her mission is to help parents overcome their stress, frustration, and overwhelm, and instead become the calm, connected, confident parent they hoped to be. 


Website:  www.katecornish.com 

Instagram: @mskatecornish


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