Episode 13: Enneagrams & Parenting with Nicole McDonough

In this episode, we are talking to Enneagram Expert Nicole McDonough about enneagrams and how it affects parenting. Nicole explains why enneagrams are not like most personality tests and explains what they are and why they are so effective in helping to achieve a healthier, self-aware life. We discuss how knowing your enneagram number can help you successfully navigate life and parenting.


Show Notes: 


This was a great conversation with Nicole about enneagrams and how they affect parenting. Nicole is a Leadership Coach, Enneagram Expert, and Team Dynamics Consultant. She has so much knowledge and insight on the different types of enneagrams and how they affect your personal life, business, and relationships. If you are newer to enneagrams, she does a beautiful job explaining what they are and how to navigate life and parenting best while using them. 


What We Cover on Enneagrams & Parenting:


  • What exactly is an enneagram.
  • Can your enneagram number change over time?
  • How health and stress can give you a different number.
  • We go over my enneagram results and how accurate they are.
  • How parenting can affect your enneagram number.
  • The tool that Nicole uses to help with challenging moments with her kiddos.
  • How PARR was a tool that helped me with challenging moments.
  • How long do you need to use the enneagram tool to get the best results?
  • Nicole discusses if we should use the enneagram on children.
  • How enneagram comes into play with partners in parenting.
  • Why having two different enneagram types as parents is a good thing. 
  • Why letting your children make mistakes is so important.


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