Episode 12: Addressing Common Parenting Pain Points 

In this episode, I am going over my 6-week Empowered Parenting Program. The group program is intended to help parents of children 10 years old and younger. We will develop strategies & plans for your kiddos based on the kind of humans you want to raise and to be the kind of parent you want to be! Let’s take the guesswork out of parenting with some research-backed strategies & taking a stronger stand for the loving, modern parent.

Show Notes:

The most common parenting pain points are burnout and exhaustion. This is due to overthinking, resulting in indecisiveness (analysis paralysis) which then leads to being completely overwhelmed. Once we feel this way, we’re more likely to overreact or underreact. In this 6-week Program, we will tackle these issues and pull back the lens to see why this is happening.


What We’ll Cover:

  • Why overthinking is one of the most common pain points and what it leads to.
  • Are you counting to 3, but don’t know what to do when you get there?
  • The importance of knowing how to respond to daily challenges.
  • What is your response pattern? Do you overreact or underreact?
  • Understanding your parenting story and how it can shift the way you parent.


What you’ll gain from my 6-week Empowered Parenting Program:

  • How to understand what your parenting triggers are
  • Stop overthinking
  • Change the story you tell yourself about parenting
  • Tools to help you navigate your daily challenges so you aren’t overacting
  • Practical strategies that you can implement in your home immediately with big results
  • Themes for each week: sleep, bedtime routines, morning routines, gaining cooperation, learning how to stop negotiating, sibling battles

You can join the waitlist for this 6-week program here! I hope to see you there!

The Parenting Program


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