Episode 8: Learn How to Get Kids to Stop Hitting

In this episode of The Parenting Reframe, we take a deep dive into hitting. We consider why kids are hitting, how to remove judgement toward yourself if you have a child who hits, and practical steps you can take to get them to stop hitting.

Show notes: 

Today we reframe what it means when a child resorts to hitting. When you have a child who hits, parents can carry a great deal of shame around this, impacting how you respond to the behavior. Learn how to remove self-judgment and address the behavior from a neutral place.


What I cover:

  • Understand what your child is trying to communicate when they hit
  • Why they hit
  • How to address the behavior without overreacting
  • How to come up with a plan to identify your child's specific needs and how you can help them through this phase
  • Children are developing and learning. Hitting is a common behavior that many parents struggle with. Tune in to find out simple shifts you can make to help you work through this challenging moment.


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