Episode 10: How to Get Your Child to Sleep In Their Own Bed

In this episode we are talking about how sleep is a critical part of parenting. I will be going over how to get your child to sleep in their own bed. Just a note, this is not for babies or newborns. Getting children to become independent sleepers is not an easy one! This doesn’t happen overnight so we will go over the best way to navigate this process for success. Everyone is happier when they get a good night’s sleep!

Show notes: 

If you have been wondering the best way to get your child to sleep in their own bed, this episode is for you. It is so important for the entire family to get the right amount of sleep and if co-sleeping isn’t cutting it for your family anymore, I am going over some helpful ways to get your child in their own bed in their room!


What I cover:

  • Adjusting expectations when starting this process (it can take longer depending on how long your child has been sleeping with you)
  • Using smart goals for success
  • Why a reward for the child works in this process
  • Reasons why sleep is so important for your child (and you)
  • The importance of choosing the right incentive
  • The power of positive talk to your child and being excited with them
  • Some super helpful tips on bedtime routines to help them go to bed easier
  • End result: New lease on life for the family when you all get good sleep, everyone is less reactive & overwhelmed. The benefits are endless for the parents and the child.


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