Episode 1: The One Mindset Shift Every Parent Needs to Consider

Learn the one mindset shift that can improve how you parent and live. Once we consider a new perspective, we can be better listeners and more attuned to our children's needs. This one shift is surprisingly simple, with an incredible payoff.


Show notes: 

The minute we become parents we feel like we have to have all the answers. Not only do we have to have all the answers, but we also need to right! In this episode I reframe what it means to "be right" and what would happen if we considered approaching parenting dilemmas with from a different perspective. We explore why this one simple minset shift has drastically changed the way I parent and live.


What we go over in this episode:

  • Learn to listen and tune in to each unique situation
  • Connect with your kids and others by gaining presence
  • Reconsider how you approach parenting dilemmas
  • Learn to pause and consider before responding

Parenting is hard. Let's reframe this process together.


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