Join me for a parenting framework to help you connect and parent with joy and ease.

Group Coaching: Emotion Regulation

You asked for a group coaching program on emotion regulation for kids and parents, and I’m happy to deliver!


This is by far one of my most favorite topics to cover because it will completely transform the way you parent and feel. 

Imagine having the tools to keep yourself steady and calm the next time your three-year-old throws an epic tantrum. 

How great would it feel to know exactly what to do next time your child screams "you’re the meanest mommy" or your tween fights you on every boundary you’re setting?


This group coaching program is for you if…

  • You’re constantly dealing with tantrums, meltdowns and arguments.
  • Your child’s big emotions trigger you and you don’t know how to respond.
  • You want your kids to cooperate but you don’t want to rely on fear and shaming tactics.
  • You’re seeking a different way to parent from the way you were parented.
  • You want your child to feel seen and heard, but managing their emotions gets the best of you.
  • You feel like yelling or giving punishments is the only thing that “works.”
  • You’re constantly overwhelmed and completely depleted by the end of the day or 9:00 in the morning (I see you).
  • You’re seeking tools, strategies, and mindset shifts to transform yourself from stressed and triggered to present and calm.


I can’t teach emotion regulation for kids without teaching you how to regulate your own emotions. We often ask our kids to do the things we ourselves struggle to do.

When we can make the changes within ourselves, the rest is so much easier. It is a parenting superpower when you can teach yourself to stay calm amid the chaos.


What you’ll get by the end of the 4-weeks:

  • The ability to parent with confidence and stop overthinking and second guessing every decision.
  • A resilient child who can self regulate their emotions while building confidence.
  • Gain cooperation while also deepening your connection with your child.
  • Bring ease and joy back into parenting.
  • Become present, calm, and connected in all of your relationships.
  • Learn to let go, experience less stress and embrace simplicity in your parenting journey.


If you have felt alone and overwhelmed by your child’s big emotions, and possibly yours too, then join this group coaching program and walk away with strategies, tools and methods that I have been using successfully with hundreds of kids and families for more than twenty years. 


Here's what's included:

  • Five live coaching calls with me over Zoom (You will have access to the recording if you can't make it live)
  • 5 weeks of direct texting and voice messaging access to me so I can support you in real time!
  • A small, intimate group of 10 participants.
  • Strategies, scripts, and tools to help your child build resilience and the ability to self-regulate
  • A deeper understanding of how to implement PARR with reflection exercises
  • Tangible action plans to put into practice so you know what to do to meet your child's unique needs
  • Tools to connect and care for yourself - and I'm not talking about spa days.


When are the calls?

  • Fridays at 12:00 pm EST. They will all be recorded and sent to you.
  • Dates: April 12th, 19th, 26th and May 3rd and 10th

Parenting is hard, and we need tools to help us navigate the tricky moments. What I know for sure is that parenting is a fluid process in which we have to grow and learn alongside our kids.

Bravo to you for taking this step toward better understanding your child, and parenting in a new way!

I cannot wait to connect with you!!

Mom and son on the beach